Can I use the service as soon as I have signed up?

Yes, just as soon as we have carried out your consultation you may begin. In 1-3 days you will receive a Luxi membership card which will entitle you to offers from our partnered local businesses and services.

Can someone else use my membership if I am away or have unused requests as the end of the month?

We are proud to know you and take time to build your precise client profile. This allows us to offer you an intuitive, personalised service. We would be unable to do this with someone we are unfamiliar with. However, you can tailor your package to meet your time frame requirements. If you are unsure you will be able to make the most of all the requests offered in our packages, we also offer ‘Uniquely You’, a fantastic pay as you go option

How do you take payment?

Payment is made via PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account for this).

Can I choose how long my membership lasts?

Yes! We offer a ‘Tailor Your Term’ option on our packages. Simply decide on your preferred package, choose how long you wish to sign up for and select the relevant drop-down box on our payment page.

If my ‘pay as you go’ task takes longer than anticipated, will you charge for the extra time?

We always try our best to complete a task in the time frame we discuss with you. However, on occasion a task may meet with delays or difficulties beyond our control. In this case we reserve the right to charge for additional time we may spend working on your request but we will always discuss this with you first.

How do I claim my discounted services from local businesses?

On registration you will receive a membership card and a list of the local businesses we have partnered with. Just show your card to the retailer or service provider to receive your discount

How do I renew my membership?

As your package nears the end of the selected term we will send you a reminder and a link to renew your membership package. If you wish to select a different type of package on renewal this can be done via the ‘Members’ tab on our website.

Requests are set out monthly, how many can I use per week?

We understand life throws things at us in an ad-hoc manner and will always do our best to accommodate our members. In order that we offer you the best possible service we ask that you split your requests over the weeks as much as possible - as opposed to requesting a full month’s quota in one week. This ensures that we can deal with everything in a precise, efficient manner.

Can I contact you at any time?

We work flexible hours. However, our working hours for contact by telephone and email are Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm.

Will I always have the same Manager as my personal contact?

Yes, as far as is physically possible. We feel strongly about building a trusted rapport with you and believe you should experience consistency and familiarity when it comes to the staff you deal with.

Are my details secure with you?

All personal details are held within a secured database. This database is protected and accessible only by us. We promise full discretion and privacy at all times.

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